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Jacque Genung-Koch
Head Dance Coach / Grand Canyon University - Phoenix, AZ
“What I would say to anyone who hasn’t been to the NDCA Conference is to get here and be part of it. This is for you and your athletes. Make that investment, make that choice, and come and have some fun!”
Jodi Maxfield
Retired Head Dance Coach / BYU Cougarettes Dance Team - Provo, UT
"The conference is a great place to re-energize and focus on things that matter most for dance teams and dancers. I love being around my peers and talking to other people and learning more about their programs. The NDCA does a great job of providing that opportunity."
Ashley Helm
Judge / Washington State Dance/Drill Judges Association
“I learned a lot about how to be a more efficient and effective judge, as well as how to coach teams to get to the next level. If you are thinking about coming, I say pull the trigger - there is so much to learn here!”
Andrea Dana
Executive Director / Iowa State Dance Team Association
“Where has this conference been for the past 20 years? My biggest piece of advice to coaches and state association leaders is to get here and get involved. This is where you need to be so that we can continue to make the dance industry even better.”
Angela Babroski
Head Coach / Manatee High School - Bradenton, FL
“I highly recommend this conference for someone who’s been a coach for five minutes all the way to someone who’s been a coach for 20 years. Everyone is going to get something out of this, and I plan on coming back next year because there is so much I can learn!”
Jennifer DePaola
Doctors for Dancers
“So many dance coaches from all around the country are here together in one place. Why would you not want to come here and connect with someone just like yourself? It’s not just a conference where you listen to someone talk. There’s never a dull moment - we keep it live and poppin’. Put on your gear and come down to the NDCA conference!”
Tasha Hinex
Head Coach / Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City, OK
“You can never know too much! The NDCA conference also provides opportunities to network, so we find others who are in the same boat and experiencing the same struggles. It makes me feel better about all of my coaching craziness. Come to the conference - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
Michelle Deets
Head Coach / Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - Edwardsville, IL
“I have attended several conferences in my role as a college coach, and this was by far the best conference I have ever attended! In addition to the valuable information I received from the presenters, I also was able to network with coaches from around the country. I would recommend this conference to all high school and college dance coaches”
Linda Boone
Retired Coach / Florida
“I’ve been in the dance team world since 1982, and I still walk away from his conference with something that I didn’t know or can improve upon. I think it’s a great opportunity to learn things, meet people, and make yourself a better coach.”